Exploring the Expansive Sync Licensing Industry

The sync licensing industry has long been associated with TV and Film in Hollywood, however it is essential to recognize that the reach and impact of sync licensing extends far beyond the silver screen. Over the past few years sync licensing has expanded into a massive global industry, with indie music constantly being used in advertising campaigns, video games, online content, corporate campaigns and more.

Advertising Campaigns

Sync licensing has become an integral part of small, medium and large advertising campaigns. Brands recognize the power of music in creating emotional connections with consumers. Carefully selected tracks can be aligned with their messaging and target audience, helping to create a memorable brand identity. Whether it's songs used in TV commercials or in digital campaigns, hundreds of songs are being synced by advertising agencies on a weekly basis. The advertising industry provides a wealth of sync opportunities to artists that can help expand their reach and revenue.

Video Games

The video game industry has experienced unprecedented growth, and sync licensing has found a front and centre home within it. Soundtracks can range from immersive and cinematic songs to the latest and greatest indie artist sounds, all of which enhance players' experiences. Whether it's a busy action sequence to an emotional cue, licensed music is a crucial component of game development. The reach to new audiences can be phenomenal when you land a song in a popular game. The good news is that many of the video game companies are always looking for new music and always developing new games and series.

Content Creation and Social Media

Social media platforms and the proliferation of content creation have re-shaped the sync licensing space. From YouTube to TikTok, and Instagram, content creators are leveraging music to elevate their videos and finding a wider audience. As content creators collaborate with musicians and license their tracks, it's becoming a mutually beneficial arrangement that supports artistic growth and helps content creators stand out in the crowded online space.

Corporate Videos

An area not often explored in Sync licensing is the corporate sector. Companies are always using music in corporate videos, client presentations, staff and promotional films. When the right song is placed, businesses can engage with people whilst reinforcing their brand message. Positive uplifting tunes can be used for motivational videos, through to story telling songs for show reels.

As the industry continues to expand all over the world, music creators and managers will be able to find homes for their songs whether it be in a small online film, video game, TV show or a big commercial. Landing a sync can truly change everything for an artist, it's just a matter of getting started and persevering!

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